Welcome Schedule Call for 2023-24 Projects

Thursday June 8, 2023: Presentations & Projects Showcase Event

Join us as ME310 teams, composed of Stanford students and their global partners, discuss their trajectory from the past year and showcase the outcomes from their project activities.

9:30AM - 11:30AM (Pacific Daylight Time) - ME310 Presentations

Student teams from Stanford and Global Partners make formal presentations about their projects.
LOCATION: NVIDIA Auditorium, 475 Via Ortega
Time Team Academic Partner
9:30 AM --- Opening ---

ME310 Teaching Team Welcome

9:40 AM Team1 Volvo Blekinge Institute of Technology (Sweden)  
10:00 AM Team2 AVATAR USTC (China)  
10:20 AM --- Intermission ---  
10:40 AM Team3 Johnson & Johnson ZHAW Dept. of International Business (Switzerland)
11:00 AM Team4 AREC TU Wien (Austria)  
11:20 AM --- Closing ---

Call for 2023-24 Projects

Directions for afternoon sessions

11:30 AM --- END ---

11:30AM - 2:00PM - Break

2:00PM - 4:00 PM - Stanford Design EXPErience Fair (ME310 and ME170)

Showcase of student design project work and final prototypes in an interactive setting.
LOCATION: Building 550, 416 Escondido Mal (In-person only)

The EXPE Design Fair features student works from various project courses and is a great opportunity to meet students who will become the innovators of tomorrow. Often exchanges at the EXPE event can lead to new collaborations, ideas, and -- in some cases -- recruitment opportunities for companies.