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Call for Projects 2023-24

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Stanford's Global Engineering Design Innovation (GEDI) course draws corporate participation from a wide range of industries, markets, and geographical environments. Companies typically bring their most challenging problems, long-shot opportunities, and moonshot ideas for GEDI's high-performance teams to tackle. Our faculty and industry coaches work with graduate engineering students to analyze and explore ideas embodied in each company's initial design brief, often finding ways to push the envelope further than originally envisioned and probe the design space for breakthrough ideas.

Stanford is now accepting applications for 2023-24 global team projects.

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ME310 projects enable organizations to explore the future as our global teams-of-teams work to:

  • Search for breakthrough opportunities in new and existing market segments.
  • Create a deep understanding of your customers.
  • Re-imagine your product/service/business-model.
  • Deliver innovative solution concepts
  • Use research-informed best practices from Stanford, Silicon Valley, and the world-leading research


  • Intelligence on customer needs in new and emerging markets.
  • An iterative series of prototypes will lead to patentable IP for your company.
  • Detailed documentation records what we learned from our successes and failures.
  • Access to Stanford faculty and cutting-edge research.
  • Ongoing communicate with liaisons throughout the process year-long process.

Read about the past and present of the ME310 course on its official website

To find out about corporate project opportunities in ME310, contact Corporate Projects Liaison Dr. Andrew Milne.

To learn about other participation opportunities in the ME Design Group, contact Administrative Director Ms. Kristin Burns.